Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gone With The Wind

I first saw Gone With The Wind on a Thanksgiving Day when I was in my early 30s. It was playing in one of those cheap, low frills, one dollar a ticket movie theaters that we had in Pittsburgh back in the day. There was a total of 5 people in the theater - so it seemed like a private showing.
The film was fabulous with all its high drama from start to finish and I became a Gone With The Wind groupie. While the movie is good, the book is even better.

I learned a lot from Gone With The Wind. Scarlette O´Hara, the  beautiful but headstrong protagonist who is at the center of much of the drama, goes through some very trying times but never gives up.  She always looks forward and has an optimistic view of the future. At one point in the middle of her personal chaos she said, "After all, tomorrow is another day!" And she's right.

I've had some days in which everything went wrong and I thought that the day would never end. I was thankful when it finally finished and I got to start again the next day. I am grateful for tomorrows. . .

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