Saturday, January 07, 2012

moving forward

I live on Av. do Lago (Lake Avenue), only there's no lake.  It's a circle and you enter off Av. Saboia and the street snakes around and comes out about a 1/2 block up on Av. Saboia.  I think originally there was a plan to create an artificial lake and build condos around it.  But, it never happened.  About a year and a half ago the borough did some work on my street and the block where you enter Av. do Lago and the block where you exit Av. do Lago were made 1 way streets, BUT the middle block was not.  Go figure.  Anyway, this past week the entire street is now 1 way and it's all going in the same direction. Showing good sense on someone's part.

We're moving forward in more ways than one. . .

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