Saturday, April 02, 2011

Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes

                        Restaurante Srª Tasca,                        
Graça Peixoto
I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch at Restaurante Srª Tasca this afternoon.  Luis' cousin and his wife introduced us to this very cute out of the way restaurante outside of Lisbon near Alenquer.  We missed our exit and got lost on the backroads but as everything was in bloom, it didn't seem to matter. 

The restaurant is housed in a quaint 1879 building (in Labrugeira) and is owned and operated by Graça Peixoto.  It's pretty much a one-woman show.  The restaurant is small and as soon as you enter you feel that you have stepped into another era -  one in which hospitality and attention to detail still mattered.  The menu was limited to 4 choices and delivered orally by Ms. Peixoto.  She mentioned off-hand that the recipe for one of her entrees that day had been her grandmother's.  Yes, it's that kind of place. The atmosphere was welcoming, the room and decor charming, the service was attentive, the food was delicious, and the company was convivial. It goes to show that you don't have to travel very far to get away from it all.  Just what I needed.

Restaurante Srª Tasca,                          (closed Sunday for dinner and all day Monday)
R. Comendador António Máximo
Lopes de Carvalho, 25
2580-405 Ventosa
Tel. 351 - 263 779 205

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Anonymous said...

awesome, I would love to visit tha t place nd you, Katie