Sunday, October 12, 2008

Games people play . . .

I was recently reminded of a boy I knew the summer of 1967.

There was a big world out there but we weren't a part of it. As dysfunctional as our lives were back then we still had 10pm curfews during the week so you couldn't get up to much. Marty was one year older than I was and in my brother's class. He wasn't my "boyfriend" although I liked him a lot and wanted him to be (hahaha). No it wasn't like that, we just kinda hung out together the way kids do. We smoked cigarettes and laughed a lot and we played cards under the streetlight across from the swimming pool on hot, summer nights.

We played all kinds of traditional card games including rummy and poker that summer. I don't remember exactly what prompted this but one night Marty asked me if I knew how to play a particular game. I said that I didn't so Marty set out to explain the rules to me.

I was winning at this new card game and Marty seemed surprised. He added rules (that he said he had forgotten to mention) as we went along that were always in his favor. It didn't take an Einstein to realize that Marty was making this game up as we went along. AND he didn't like losing. I never let on and to be honest I really didn't mind because I liked him a lot and liked the time that we spent together.

But as I look around the world today, I have the feeling that the powers that be are pullin' a Marty. It seems as if a lot of people are making up the rules as they go along. And every time you start to win at their game, they change the rules again. . .

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