Friday, January 08, 2016

and then there was one . . .
On a dreary Friday night we sat in rush hour traffic on our way to Lisbon. Anxious to reach our destination but dreading it all the same. We were together but quiet and alone with our thoughts. It was particularly cold and dark. It was one of those rainy nights that there is no illumination at all. The rain and cloud cover felt heavy and the little light that the street lights and headlights cast was shadowy and threatening. But it was fitting and really couldn't have been any other way as we were going to the vet's to pick up our cat who had died. She had cancer and didn't make it through her first bout of chemotherapy.  The cancer was advanced so the point of the chemo was to reduce the mass to give her some relief and buy her some more time. Buy her some time and buy us some more time with her.  

As I got out of the car I turned my collar to the wind and took a deep breath. . .

". . .Come home just this one last time
       'cause we never said goodbye.
       Come home just this one last time
       'cause my eyes are still not dry  . . ." Tokunbo

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