Monday, July 06, 2015

Urgeiriça - July 4$2015_04_12_19_08_59_446327.jpg
The in-service week at school finished on July 3 and a small break was due.

We traveled to Urgeiriça to have a look see. Urgeiriça was know for its uranium mines and it is said that Marie Curie was supplied with uranium from here.  According to Wikipedia control of this mine was a source of concern during WWII.

Urgeiriça is not more than a collection of miner's cottages (very well kept) and the hotel which is on the outskirts of town. It was so small that it didn't even boast a café.

We stayed at the Hotel Urgeiriça on the outskirts of town. This out-of-the-way hotel hosted many important foreigners including Clarissa Eden, Winston Churchill's niece, who married Anthony Eden, 1st Earl of Avon. He was 27 years her senior and was the British Prime Minister from 1955-57. The hotel's old world charm set the right tone for a quiet weekend.

Canas de Senhorim is a stone's throw away and with a population of approximately 3,500 people offers everything that one would need: shops, movies, restaurants and entertainment. The stone architecture in this region is of interest as are the pillories. Evidently there are 3 different routes that promote this region's architecture.

A little further afield is Viseu, a 30 minute drive from Urgeiriça. Viseu is a thriving hub of life and culture. The city is clean and modern and the historic center is full of historic buildings, restaurants, cafes, shops and other places of interest.

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