Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dietrich, Ramona Dietrich

After going to the ATM machine late Friday afternoon, I stopped into my local florist shop to talk to Maria, the owner.  Maria's shop opened a couple of years ago and she immediately became a fixture in our neighborhood.  Maria was born in Brazil but has led an international life. That coupled with her language skills (she speaks English well) and her outgoing personality has endeared her to many in my little community.

It's sad but she is closing up shop this week and moving to Germany.  She is reconnecting with her ex and starting a new life.  Everyone, including me, is happy for her as new beginnings are always full of hope.

Maria had her laptop open and as we were saying our "keep in touches",  we decided to become FB friends.  I typed my name into the search for her because it was easier like that.  Anyway, she was surprised that my last name was Dietrich as we were always Maria and Ramona to each other.  Maria also has a "German" surname as her ex is German.

To make a long story short Maria made a very big deal about my name and how much she liked it and said, "You must love to tell people your name when you meet them." Well, I guess I never really thought about it that way, BUT I will now.

I think I need more people like her in my life.

Thanks a bunch Maria. You take the summer with you wherever you go. Good bye, good luck.

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