Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Think, Harry, Think!!!

Well, Prince Harry is at it again - throwing caution to the wind and havin' a good time.  Party on, Harry!

Nude photos of Prince Harry have surfaced and are all over the internet.  It seems that Harry had a wild weekend in Las Vegas.  This isn't the first time that Prince Harry of Wales has made headlines.  There were the under-age drinking and cannabis scandals, followed by altercations with the police.  There was the time he wore a Nazi officer's uniform to a fancy dress party and was photographed smiling all over the place totally unaware of how offensive that was. And we can't forget the various racial slurs ("our little Paki friend" and "raghead" to mention a few) he has uttered over the years.

In Las Vegas Harry has been making headlines with an unnamed female companion as they played a game of "strip pool".  It's hard to tell who won as they both seem to be completely nude and the 8 ball is no where in sight . . . While not illegal, it shows Harry's lack of judgement.  With all his (over) breeding, wealth, education and amazing opportunities he still can't seem to get it right.  The "celebrity" role of a royal second son seems to be too hard to resist.

I can appreciate that fun is fun and all that but there's a limit.  Along with the extraordinary circumstances into which he was born, there also comes a responsibility.  Like it or not, he is a role model for young people. I get it that people (young and old alike) can screw up and that life is messy. I understand that the road to enlightenment is not a straight line but come on...

There seems to be a "boys will be boys" attitude on this story among many Brits. According to an  article byone  London caregiver,  Shirley Ashard,  laughed at the news "I've got kids. They do things like that," the 59-year-old said. "He's a lad, for God's sake."
I can agree that dancing nude is not significantly noteworthy and might be great fun under different circumstances but Harry's life has been very high profile from the get go. For every advantage that Harry has had there was a lesson to learn. At 27, and as the 3rd in line to the British throne, he doesn't seem to understand the consequences of such folly.

Think, Harry, Think!!!! Cell phones, strangers, click click, nude photos, money to be made, instagram.

 His conduct was unbecoming an officer.   Shame on Harry, his mother would be very disappointed . . .

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