Thursday, May 24, 2012

another Fellini moment

Every now and again we experience a Fellini moment.  Those moments when the situation is so off-the-wall and  bizarre that you wonder if it is really happening or if somehow you have become a character in Fellini film but then you remember that he's dead and you're not Italian so you must be awake and actually experiencing this.

I had a moment like that today.  I had one of those pin-ball machine-like verbal exchanges full of sharp tones that jump from one thing  to the next and never go anywhere or solve anything with my line manager.  I'm taking this out of context but at one point she said to me and I quote, "Ramona, you are miserable."

And I wonder to myself in what context or under what circumstances or on what planet this would ever be acceptable . . .

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it would happen and then you could both go for a beer and talk, then realise how alike you are and then become best buddies!
Oh hang on that would be in Hollywood and you'd be in a film. Perhaps you might begin seeing a dead psychologist or your story begins in a galaxy far far away...
Hang on.... Movie time again!!
Rise above it!