Sunday, September 18, 2011

liar, liar, pants on fire!

DSK should be more than ashamed of himself, he should be in jail.

Guys like this don't leave well enough alone.  This type rapes a woman while she is at work, then has enough money to wiggle his way out of a jail term but still can't let it be.  He has to go on television and EXPLAIN how yes, maybe it was inappropriate to have sex with the maid,but no there was absolutely no violence involved.  Then he says that the woman is making this all up and poor him, he can't understand why unless of course she's evil and plotted this all out for years and used some kind of voodoo to make the planets align to orchestrate this so she could make a fast buck.

First of all, how the hell old is he?  Does he think he's still a 35 year old gadabout?  Doesn't he have a mirror at home?  He's an old guy.  Why would any chick under 60 look at him like he is anything other than a meal ticket?  Does he really think that a hotel chambermaid has the time to stop in every room and screw the occupant and that that would be a perk for the job? Does he really think that he would strike an attractive pose to a younger woman, or any woman for that matter?  How did it happen?  He came out of the bathroom and like their eyes met and they both just knew?  No romance, no champagne, no nothing? Is he kidding?  Does he believe that anyone would believe that story? How stupid does he think the rest of us are?

Power and politics don't seem to bring out the best in people. DSK is not alone, he has lots of company. . .

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