Saturday, January 01, 2011

1-1-11 New Year's Resolutions

This morning, like most weekend mornings, after a doughnut and an expresso, which I refer to as breakfast, I walked on the "paredão" (an esplanade along the the ocean from Estoril to the Bay of Cascais).  While the crowds don't come out until lunchtime (or later!) on New Year's day, I was by no means alone. You could easily tell the regulars from the newly resolved.  The newbies were recognizable by their footwear and their faces. You see them on January 1 wearing their recently-purchased-stark-white-I'm-gonna-get-in-shape-this-year-if-it-kills-me shoes that gleam as they slap against the damp, sandy stones underfoot in a rhythm that isn't yet practiced, smooth. But it's the expressions that they wear that really set them apart.  Determined, stressed, drenched with sweat they forge ahead one foot in front of the other in too tight, too new trainers until the 3 mile jog/walk/run comes to an end.  Looking proud and satisfied they hobble away.  Each subsequent jog/walk/run moves them that little bit closer to their ultimate goal.

I have come to the realize that most New Year's resolutions don't even make it through the first month, but I hope that your goals for 2011 all materialize. 

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