Monday, June 28, 2010

25 years later

This was my house. Newly married I moved into this house in January of 1985. It was bought in one of those movin' back to the city urban-renewal phases that cities and 30 somethings go through. It was a 9 room 2 1/2 story neglected Victorian townhouse in the National Historic District of Manchester. And you can just imagine how many coats of paint it took to give it a new lease on life.

I passed by on a recent visit to Pittsburgh when I took many a trip down memory lane. I was disappointed to see that it was once again on the decline. The peeling paint on the front of the house which seemed to be caused by water damage made me wonder if the roof was leaking somewhere. It cost a bundle but we replaced all of the oversized wooden windows on the front of the building because they were rotting/rotted and I worry that water damage will hasten this. The trim/door/brick colors are all wrong and I seem to remember that the city planted a tree in front of the house which is missing.

I moved to Cincinnati at the end of June, 1988.

I loved that house . . .

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