Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bad cat . . .

It will be 4 years this August that we moved to this area. We went from living in a house to downsizing to an apartment. The house wasn't sold, it was left sitting, waiting. . . Waiting for us to clean it out, waiting for a new inhabitant. Cleaning, organizing, discarding, all that goes with moving on has been at the back of my mind for all this time but it was on the bottom of my long to-do list and well, we never got to it. Now the push is on because Luis' niece and her family will be moving in soon. As soon as we get our stuff out . . . So my Saturday for the past 2 months has been working in the house.

Today while there I heard a lot of loud birds in the front yard and went out to see what the ruckus was about and saw my neighbor's cat with a bird in his mouth. I shouted at him and he took off still holding onto his prey. Four birds chased him home. It was amazing. They were sooooooooo upset.

On impulse a few minutes later I went looking for the cat. I found him on his porch sans bird. As I started home I noticed that the bird was in the middle of the sidewalk - stunned. I picked him/her up and took him home. He/she looked like he/she was in shock. I sat him/her in the front yard (keeping an eye out for cat next door). After a while he/she seemed to be recovering and I hoped that he/she would fly away. All the while the other birds were nearby keeping an eye on their buddy. About 5pm we had to go and a decision needed to be made about the bird.

We put him/her in a small basket with a bit of water and set it on a high outside window sill safe from the neighborhood cats. We won't go back to the house until next Saturday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he/she gets his/her second wind and flys away home.

Bad cat . . .

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