Sunday, January 04, 2009

Mirror, mirror on the wall . . .

I love my mirror!

Yesterday I walked into a hairdresser's. It's brand spanking new and is full of natural sunlight and has lots of oversized mirrors. As I gazed into the mirror an overweight older chick stared back. This certainly does not happen at home.

At my apartment the mirrors allow me to see myself as my "best" self. They make me look slimmer than I actually am. I have pulled Luis into the bathroom on serveral occasions and asked him to "look into the mirror, then look at me". I then asked him if I looked thinner in the mirror. As a survivor of "does my bum look fat in this", he won't be drawn in to another similar situation but it's a fact - I look cute at home.

In Feb, 2007 a prominent British retailer was accused of using that tactic as a marketing strategy. The Telegraph article lays it all out for you here. There was a complaint that the mirrors were tilted or angled to make the customers look slimmer.

Well, on my list of things to do in 2009 as my number one priority I intend to get rid of an extra ten pounds that I have been carrying around with me for some time now. Then every mirror will be like my mirrors at home.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
whose the fairest of them all? Why me, of course (hahahahaha)

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stella said...

I like your blog(s) very much. As a matter of fact I visit "the connected..." preetty often. I'm a teacher of English from Argentina who loves technologies and deeply respect intelligent techers who ude them wittingly!
my congrats on your job

stella :-)