Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kids Say The Darndest Things. . .

Way back when in the late 50's folks crowded round the television for a night of family entertainment. Mom and Dad usually got first choice of the offerings from the 2 or 3 channels then available.

Art Linkletter had a program called "House Party" and for the last few minutes of each show he had 4 or 5 children on and he engaged in informal/impromptu conversation with these youngsters. (Yes, we are referring to a time when kids were still called youngsters.) He would ask questions and the children would answer honestly and naturally - and it was usually humorous (to a bunch of grown-ups). As the program closed everyone was smiling and grinning from ear to ear Art said, "Kids say the darndest things!"

Fast forward 50 years and yes, kids still do say the darndest things.

Just the other day when I was, once again, trying to explain to a group of high-school kids why they had to pay attention during school hours one of them said, "But, Miss, we are Indigo kids."

Well, I had never even heard of the term so onto Google we went. Our keyword was "Indigo Kids" and lo and behold there it was - about 413,000 entries. Wow! Imagine that! Where the hell have I been?

I began my research into this term that I never heard of before. According to Wikipedia, "Indigo children refers to a New Age belief that some children, especially those born after the late 1970s, represent a higher state of human evolution." Higher state of human evolution???!!! - impressed I read on to learn more about this exciting phenomenon.

USA Today did an article in May, 2005 which stated, "James Twyman is convinced that there's a new generation of special children among us who are psychically sensitive and spiritually evolved." I couldn't believe what I was reading . . . Could this be exactly what the world/Earth needs? Will these kids save us all from impending doom and environmental destruction?

It seems that these Indigo kids are "special". They are purported to be non-conformists who are strong-willed and independent thinkers and don't comply with authority figures. I was assured by the teens in question that this was, indeed, a great quality in a kid.

When I mentioned that the literature says Indigo Children are also intellectually creative and self-starters (which means that they actually do their homework AND hand it in on time) and are supposed to be empathetic and sympathetic to the needs of others and that I didn't see those qualities being displayed in the least, they just shrugged and insisted that they were special (one step away from stamping their feet and flying into a temper tantrum - hahahaha).

Well, that set me straight. There I was thinking that these kids were just a bunch of spoiled, smart-@ssed, rich kids who did whatever they pleased! Go figure!

It's definitely true; kids say the darndest things!

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