Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Big Picture . . .

Although to my knowledge there has been no change to the space time continuum, this past school week seemed longer than most and I was exhausted as I started my drive home. I vary my route and usually take a more scenic one on the way home and Friday was no different. I was more than halfway home and on a one way street when I spotted trouble ahead. I was at a crossroads and paused briefly to make an assessment. Should I go straight ahead (my usual route) and risk a traffic jam or turn right and take a small detour? There was a thirty-something in the car behind me who blasted her horn and with lots of hand motions let me know that I was wasting her precious time. I started to get pissed but instead decided to move my car a little and let her pass me if she chose. (That's when the 'Universe' stepped in to avenge me - lol.) Annoyed, she sped by me smack into the middle of a complete mess: gridlock. You know the kind where once you are stuck in it there's no gettin' out 'till whatever caused it in the first place gets taken care of. She was locked in on a one-way street that would eventually turn onto another one-way street. I turned right and was home in less than 5 minutes;-)

Seems to me that that's what's wrong with some people - they just don't have the big picture!

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