Wednesday, January 03, 2007

"Go with your gut (feelings)."

As you may (or may not) know, we don't have 400 cable channels to entertain us (24/7) here in Lisbon. In addition, we often get American TV programs only after they have gone into reruns. No problem! Long after the first "The Apprentice" shows appeared in the US, they were televised here. It was only by chance that I happened upon one episode - and was instantly hooked. I've never been a fan of Donald Trump (I've had no reason to be) and only noticed that he seems to marry the same woman over and over again (what's that all about?). But I became fascinated with "The Apprentice". I've seen the series (the 1st series - yes, that's right - only the first series has been shown here) at least 4 times and am excited that it will be repeating - once again - beginning sometime in January. Hooray! I've already got the popcorn!

A writer friend of mine recently wrote an article after her husband attended a lecture given by Donald Trump. She sent me a copy of the column and it was full of "Trumpisms". They seem to make sense. They seem reminiscent of all the other things we learned in the schoolyard and left behind. . . I thought that I would include some of them in my blog this year to remind you(amuse you) of what each of us needs to do to be successful in business (in life and on the playground).

Trumpism # 1 - Go with your gut (feelings).

Good advice in all situations. We spend most of our adult life ignoring this basic instinct. But the bottom line is if you think someone is scammin' you, they probably are!

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Cris said...

Thanks for the advice!
I love your blog and your style.
I will be back for more!